Scott Mattlin
Fine Art

Scott Mattlin Fine Art

Scott Mattlin is an artist with a deep and passionate appreciation for beauty in the natural world and within the human spirit. This enthusiastic and sensitive joy is reflected strongly in his artwork. His work is executed in a vibrant, impressionistic style, which - while still retaining its representational roots, incorporates abstract elements, resulting in a uniquely contemporary union. Mattlin paints the private world to which he bears witness.
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"Mattlin's pastoral landscapes reach for solitude and often achieve a level of companionship, like a presence in the room; a hand on your shoulder."

- Western Art and Architecture
"If you can create a painting with just enough left to the imagination, that's thought-provoking and stimulates an emotional charge, then you've got a great painting. I think that now I'm on the path that I want to be on."

- Scott Mattlin
"Having struggled so long to find that path, he's unlikely ever to become complacent with success"

- Norman Kolpas - Southwest Art Magazine